Coordination: Fernanda Eugenio

Associated researchers: Flora Mariah, Milene Duenha

Collaborators: Joana Maia, Ruan Rocha


The line ANDbodiment is devoted to the application of Modus Operandi AND to the practiced study of corporeality, with the twofold purpose of developing incarnated pedagogical procedures and of producing material for the collaborative creation of artistic objects whose interface is the body. The fundamental procedure of this research focuses on the transformation of the materiality and sensoriality of the body into zones of attention for composition, transposing the board dispositif used in the AND game to the body whose surface and edges engender a ‘board-body’. A double appears: on one hand, the Body Is, the social-concretization-body, overcoded, already and always appearing at unstoppable speed; the Body AND, on the other hand, the crude-concrete-body, a contingent aggregate/assemblage whose presence in 'acceleration zero' carries less dense becoming-territories, surrounding as cloud of virtuals and signaling images-situation, at the same time unthought and already manifest.


Over and with the board-body, two simultaneous games are set off, at the same time, conflicting and, from the start, reciprocal and common: a sensorial game and an image game. The work, guided by the Modus Operandi AND and its operation of positioning-with, now directed towards sensorial stimuli, operation repeated until a clear direction emerges, until one of the positions taken works as a fold - at the same time continuation of sensorial direction and first position of the image-direction (potential opening for the workings of the body’s performativity). The possibility of having an image as point of arrival instead of point of departure is explored, by defragmentating the body.


The pedagogical procedures emerging from this line have been explored in the scope of the Summer Schools and Summer Labs AND Brazil, as well as in the Collaborative Projects (and resulting Collaborative Workshops) of Fernanda Eugenio with Dani d'Emilia (Practices of Dis-immunisation) and Fernanda Eugenio with Soraya Jorge (Modus Operandi AND & Authentic Movement). The use of ANDbodiment tools for collaborative creation was first unfolded during the Andbodiment Collaborative Creation Residency (September to November 2017) by Fernanda Eugenio with Flora Mariah, Joana Maia, Milene Duenha and Ruan Rocha.

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