Coordination: Fernanda Eugenio e Iacã Macerata

Supervision: Eduardo Passos

Collaborators: Mariana Ferreira, Ruan Rocha


AND Care is dedicated to the experiential and pragmatic investigation of the applications of Modus Operandi AND in the clinical work with subjectivity - experimenting with MO_AND’s effects of explicitation and potential modulation of the materiality of subjective operations. This investigation takes in account the dimension of MO_AND as concrete interface that promotes a sensible and situated approach to subjectivity as corporeality.


At the injunction of ethnography, art and clinic, this line of research emerges from a long-term interlocution with researchers related to the field of transdisciplinary psychology - and, in particular, the collaboration between Fernanda Eugenio's Modus Operandi AND and Iacã Macerata’s Clinic of Territory. The clinical use of MO_AND tools is based on an approach to care that diverges both from the specialist's technical intervention - formal knowledge previous to the relationship - and from the normalizing function implicit in the notion of healing/cure. It works as gesture of attunement and invention with what-is-there (in that specific situation), an operation of reparagem and recomposition that is concurrently transversal and situated. The resulting network of assemblages - intersubjectivity – produces a/is produced as relational space or territory of relation, constituted by three intertwined plans: (1) entre-si (in-between-oneself), a relation of onetself to oneself, in each living being involved; (2) entre-nós (in-between-us), a relationship between us, the living beings involved; and (3) entre-muitxs (in-between-many), a relation among the living beings and artefacts, objects, landscapes and inhuman elements involved.


Research and practice are durational and subdivided into three areas of intervention: the Inter-Reparagem Supervision Group; the Experiential Research with Territories and Collectives and the monitoring process hANDling | Singularized Care (part of the Monitoring & Care Programme).


The Inter-Reparagem Group | Supervision Group is constituted by Fernanda Eugenio and psychologists and researchers Iacã Macerata, Mariana Ferreira and Ruan Rocha. The group is dedicated to the inventory of the analytical effects and subjective repositioning emerging from the care practices in which MO_AND is used - be it in the scope of workshops, research with focal groups or individualized follow-up. This group constitutes a broad network of support and witnessing, that takes care of care, follows the follow-up, attends the attendance, through biweekly meetings for reciprocal care, discussion and digestion of affective matters co-engendered, seeking to map and fathom what is touched (and disturbed) when touched by the ethics of MO_AND. The group also benefits from the occasional interlocution of Eduardo Passos.


The Experiential Research with Territories and Collectives, by Fernanda Eugenio and Iacã Macerata, is dedicated to the research of procedures and the creation of interfaces for the use of MO_ AND on in situ care. Currently, this dimension of AND Care is responsible for the project Corporificar o Cuidado (September 2018 to September 2020), a research aimed to validate the use of MO_AND for training the body of the clinician, a partnership between AND_Lab and the Department of Psychology of UFF-Rio das Ostras (Brazil), a project also linked to Corporeilabs/UFF-Niterói and supervised by Eduardo Passos. The proposition consists of an internship for the trainees in Psychology, involving 4 months per each semester of the academic year + 1 intensive week of residency per year (during vacation time), in which all exercises of AND’s repertory are tried and subjective effects in practitioners are accompanied, by means of auto-ethnographic diaries, the constitution of a focal group discussing the experience and cartographic interviews to individuals.

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