Creation/collaboration by/between Fernanda Eugenio and Gustavo Ciríaco


Cities are as diverse as the layers that constitute them. They never cease to re-emerge, to re-perform before our gaze and to engage us with their imperious and inevitable atmospheres, accidental and shipwrecked, fragile and strong, banal and extraordinary. Alchemies always in process, producing conflicting, albeit osmotic, patterns of dwelling, empirical/sensorial experience, and social (dis)integration. Moreover, resulting from many architectural dreams, from the spurious mixture between utopian fantasies, improvised solutions, power structures and contingent local deviations, cities are both concrete forms and ephemeral territories. In them we live and die, we meet and we part, maintaining the daily fiction that bonds the interstices of the broader panorama of urban phenomena.


City Labs are temporary laboratories for attention, mapping, creation and on-site performance, installed in neighbourhoods and critical peripheries of different cities, chosen for the pertinent link to local political and affective issues. With this itinerant structure, Fernanda Eugenio and Gustavo Ciríaco have travelled, since 2009, through the most diverse urban environments, in South America, the USA, Europe and Asia, collecting a multitude of couplings and arrangements situated amidst urban operations, and researching the performative variability of the city-form.


In this durational collaboration, Fernanda Eugenio's protocols of Ethnography as Situated Performance enter into conversation with the contextual creation procedures that Gustavo Ciríaco employs in the construction of his immersive and relational performances, generating propositions sometimes transferable to other sites, sometimes unrepeatable. These propositions are, in turn, shared in the Site-Specific Practices workshop.


For more information about City Labs, visit the project website here.

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