Crafting I Assisted Residency Programme welcomes artists and researchers who wish to apply MO_AND tools to projects of creation, investigation or mediation dedicated to the intersectional question of researching new forms of life emerging from the encounter between differences, at the injunction of ethics, aesthetics, politics and community. The programme receives applications on a permanent basis, any time of the year, and is open to individual or group candidates from all areas of intervention.


Each project is hosted for a period of 1 to 3 months, for a residency designed to fit the needs of the candidate, and comprehends a one-to-one follow-up by Fernanda Eugenio. Focused on facilitating the fine-tuning of the formulation and execution of a work in progress, this programme seeks to make the residency-situation a space for crafting the singular questions brought by the candidate. Diverging from the logic of solution and the directive function of the advisor, the follow up consists of listening and unravel, together with each resident, the affect-motor of each project. The tools of Modus Operandi AND, in its crafty dimension, are used in the mapping, making explicit and re-materialising of affects, thus working to maintain the project in the in-between zone of ‘how not to have an idea’.


The residency may include, according to the needs of the project and AND Lab’s schedule for the chosen period:

  • accommodation (or help finding affordable accommodation in the city)

  • work space in studio/rehearsal room (eventually shared with other residents);

  • workshop of introduction to MO_AND (for candidates who are not familiar with it) or workshop for application and unfolding of MO_AND (for those who have already been introduced to it);

  • weekly or biweekly follow-up sessions with Fernanda Eugenio;

  • support in promoting the project’s activities and their inclusion in local networks during the period of residency;

  • organisation of a public event for those who want to publicly share the process;

  • integration of activities in AND Lab’s programme when possible (lecture, workshop, open session, etc.);

  • access to events programmed by AND Lab during the period of residency.


We emphasize that there is no obligation regarding public events and sharing results. The initiatives enumerated are optional.

AND Lab issues the necessary documents for candidates to apply for financial and nonfinancial support and offers advice in how to obtain Portuguese visa (when necessary) and how to get settled in the city during the period of residency.


To submit a project, please forward the following documents to

  • research project (max.10 pages) containing: title; summary and description; objectives (to achieve during the period of residency); chronogram; number and frequency of follow-up sessions (3 to 9); indication of public activities to take place during the residency (if applicable); specific needs to be taken in account (if applicable);

  • intended dates (only a limited number of participants can be accommodated at the same time, so please refer at least two alternative periods);

  • bio note and cv (short version);

  • letter of motivation (how the project relates to the research guidelines of AND Lab);

  • links to portfolio, videos, photos of previous works and/or materials related to the submitted project.

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