In 2021, AND Lab completes ten years of existence as an artisanal structure for artistic research operating at the intersection between the arts, critical thinking, embodied practices and undisciplined/undisciplined somatic-political pedagogies. This landmark date happens more or less along with the almost twenty years of the Modus Operandi AND as Fernanda Eugenio's continued research on the politics of relational co-positioning and the intimate and collective care-curation of the common.

Honoring this milestone, the School of Reparar 2021 takes shape from the theme-concern Re-membering: (Dis)integration and Healing/Curation of the Irreparable, inviting us to a retrospective and prospective encounter with the matter of what constitutes us and of what happens to us: what we were and are made of, what we did/do with what was done to us, and what we return to each time, or what we become. What we are (not) already or still and what we can(not) be or do. We invite all of you to come with us on this investigative journey of the ways in which we assist one another in the processes of dying-birthing by which - whether on a singular or collective level; personal, trans or infra-personal; ancestral, historical or cosmic - we are healing (caring, curating) and weaving the moving geographies of possible re-mediations of the Irreparable that we make and makes us. Tuning and reconnecting with the broader web that (dis)integrates us from/into the common and implicate order of life, in the interwoven that in-separates us through difference, listening, assisting and respecting the infinitely varied manifestations of what happens, feels and (un)become.

Positioning itself within a paradoxical and urgent task, between the irreparability of the world-as-IS and the ethical commitment to its reparation, the School of Reparar - AND Lab's continuing artistic-political training program - proposes to combine the Modus Operandi AND with other embodied artistic-political propositions, collaborative composition tools and somatic practices, in a trans-disciplinary and undisciplined program, dedicated to the articulation between corporeality and commonality, as well as to the recognition and invention-creation of tactics for unlearning the deep seated and unevenly distributed violences in each one of us.

The School of Reparar emerges from the desire to contribute to a process that is triggered by the recognition that it is no longer possible to reiterate an unsustainable world, based on predatory-extractive logics. By proposing a multi localized and transversal school, based on practiced knowledge, connecting realities and bodies differently affected by the Irreparable, we intend to create a space to collectivize the act of researching-creating, making it coincident with the acts of living-inhabiting and relating-performing. A space for inter-sustaining (entre-ter) each other, showing up reciprocally, in community, and experimenting with ways of being intimate without being close, nurturing together possibilities of remaking sensibilities and worlds.

The program runs from March to December, directed and curated by Fernanda Eugenio, including: online study group (Unruly Studies); workshops and regular sessions on body practices, MO_AND play and listening practices (hANDling program); public program for sharing creations in process (stANDing program); public talks program (commemorative program Ten Years of Co-Positioning); research-creation residences (LAND) and immersive retreat courses in the countryside (LANDscape Portugal and Brasil). 



  • Inside hANDling program, it's possible to access introductory MO_AND workshops and/or single sessions of practices (as well as other body practices) in English, on demand - please refer to the Where-When session of this website to make your appointment.

  • The stANDing program will have some activities in English: the premiéres in video and the presencial presentations of the Dis-Solution Practices will both be translated.

  • LANDscape Portugal will be led in Portuguese with simultaneous translation into English

  • The Unruly Studies, the hANDling workshops and the LANDscape Brasil will be led in Portuguese only.



Direction: Fernanda Eugenio

Program Design & Curation: Fernanda Eugenio

Artistic Team (stANDing): Fernanda Eugenio, Dani d'Emilia, Manoela Rangel, Pat Bergantin

Pedagogical Team (Estudos Indóceis, hANDling, LANDscape): Fernanda Eugenio, Flora Mariah, Guto Macedo, Manoela Rangel, Mariana Pimentel, Milene Duenha, Naiá Delion, Pat Bergantin, Soraya Jorge

Counselling & Process Tracking: Ruan Rocha, Iacã Macerata and Mariana Ferreira

Guests Interlocutors (stANDing, LANDscape or 'Dez anos em Posição-Com'): Ana Dinger, Bernardo Chatillon, Carlos Oliveira, João Fiadeiro, Liliana Coutinho, Mariana Ferreira, Sarah Amsler, Sílvia Pinto Coelho and more.

Design, Online Platform Maintenance & Administrative Management: Alexandre Eugenio

Production: Pat B, Ruan Rocha

Communication: Pat B

Documentation - Audiovisual LANDscape: Inês T. Alves

Documentation - Audiovisual online activities: Gabriela Jung

Partnerships: Trust Collective, Orla Eco-Social Regeneration, Penha Sco Arte Cooperativa

Support: República Portuguesa - Cultura / Fundo de Emergência Social - Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

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