The Summer School happens annually in Lisbon, installing, at each edition, a temporary zone of attention and of experiential and collective investigation, with a transversal question at its core. Over a period of two weeks, with a workload of 100 hours, we propose an immersive time-space for the exchange of procedures for collective improvisation-creation and co(m)position with/of the common, having Modus Operandi AND as steering and mediating tool.


Through durational experimentation with the familiar and the unfamiliar and exercises of reciprocity between taking care of oneself and taking care of the environment, we pay attention to the processes and consequences of what (and how) we do (what we do) and what and how what we do ‘does us’ in return: gestures, words, habits, perspectives, postures, modulations.


The Summer School is an opportunity of encounter for those interested in the re-materialising crystallized knowledge by way of inventive and sufficient knowledge(s); and for those interested in investigating politics of togetherness and ethics of sufficiency, by starting from whatever-place and learning-by-doing.


Next edition:

  • 2019 | edition #4 REPAIRING THE IRREPARABLE: embodying political-affective practices, exercising sensitive listening and experimenting with the dissenting powers of love, with Fernanda Eugenio and the invited researchers/artists: Ana Dinger, Dani d’Emilia, Flora Mariah e Sílvia Pinto Coelho (+ parallel activity, The Insider, with Cristina Maldonado)


Past editions:

  • 2018 | edition #3 ANDbodiment: modes of preparation before the Irreparable, with Fernanda Eugenio and the invited researchers/artists: Ana Dinger, Flora Mariah, Guto Macedo, Milene Duenha, Sílvia Pinto Coelho, Soraya Jorge + interlocution of Eduardo Passos, Iacã Macerata, Mariana Ferreira and Ruan Rocha.

  • 2017 I edition #2 modes of care: mapping, performing, curating, with Fernanda Eugenio and the invited researchers/artists: Ana Dinger, Anna Marocco, Francisco Gaspar Neto, Gustavo Ciríaco, Iacã Macerata, Sílvia Pinto Coelho.

  • 2016 | edition #1 in-between ways of doing: practices of inventing bodies and worlds, ethic-aesthetical tools and procedures for collaborative improvisation & politics of togetherness, with Fernanda Eugenio and invited researchers/ artists: Ana Dinger, Ana Mira, Francisco Gaspar Neto, Gustavo Ciríaco, Mariana Ferreira, Sílvia Pinto Coelho, Soraya Jorge.

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