Always an open space for study groups, AND Lab promotes the practice-based study that allows for continuous reflection, creating the conditions for the (re) formulation of thought in the act; for reciprocal listening, experimentation and sharing of sketches, projects, processes, etc. The study groups vary in form and duration, and the access to meetings isn´t always open to the general public. Some are organised as occasions for shared reading and debate; others become thematic cycles; others are organised around a common research topic, or around the artistic practice or conceptual investigation of a person or collective.


AND Lab also promotes, in collaboration with the RIA | Artistic Research Network, meetings for studying and sharing processes among artists based in Lisbon. In collaboration with baldio | performance studies, AND Lab held regular meetings for the presentation of ongoing research work - Baldio at AND Lab (2015-16) - and hosted meetings with Baldio Translation Group (2014-16).

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