The Handling Programme | Singular(ised) Care consists of packs of follow-up sessions for individual processes, to carry out with Fernanda Eugenio and under the supervision of clinically-trained researchers, associates of AND Lab.


In these one-to-one meetings, listening and assistance make use of MO_AND (counter)dispositifs directed towards the intervention in a field-demand brought by the person to be accompanied. The format and duration of the sessions as well as the duration of the process are determined in a case-by-case basis, according to the questions posed - emergent or urgent, micro-relational or organisational, everyday or extraordinary.


The sessions can be held face-to-face or via videoconferencing and cover different propositions using MO_AND, combining practical exercises, talking and writing, ethnography and auto-ethnography, constructing a singular path for the cartography and curatorship of intimate and political questions. It takes all the time that is needed in each interrogative situated zone - the Maps of What, How and Where-Where – and custom exercises and propositions are created: with and for the affect-issue that is being taken care of.


This zone of application of the Modus Operandi AND to the affective matters of each person unfolds from the collaboration between Fernanda Eugenio and researchers related to the clinic trans, the clinic of subjectivity and the clinic of territory, seeking to create relation interfaces that allow to 'grow into' what is touched (and disturbed) when touched by the ethics of MO_AND, by use of tactics of caring for the milieu through self-care - and vice versa.


The follow-up happens through a minimum of three sessions (in the case of brief interventions) and no maximum is pre-defined. Persons who are accompanied on a regular basis may, after process has ended, request for future single/occasional sessions. Always keeping the logic of individualized attendance, it is also possible to follow processes involving more than one person - when the question to be addressed emerges from a small scale (a in-between-2 or in-between-us).


For more information about Handling | Singular(ised) Care, and taking into account its proximal and personalized dimension, we ask that you contact us by email.

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