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The Summer Labs AND Brazil offer an immersive and situational research experience, concerned with politics of togetherness, using the practice of Modus Operandi AND in conversation with other tools for reciprocal listening, collective composition and re-composition of a sensitive body. This programme is designed as a compact version of AND Summer Schools - held every year, in July, in Lisbon -, and seeks to reinvent, with local collaborators and through various partnerships, in different cities of Brazil, the conditions for establishing a temporary zone of attention, an experimental space open to all those interested in ethical-aesthetic tools for investigating ways of living together.


Past editions:

Edition #2 | Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and São Paulo, 2019

  • Rio de Janeiro – January 26-February 1 2019 | Listening Body, Body of Struggle: tactics of (self)care and commonality, with Fernanda Eugenio, in conversation with Guto Macedo, Iacã Macerata, Letícia Barbosa and Mariana Pimentel. Partnerships: Colectivo Corposições, Casa-Consultório. Connected Events: Residency with AND Lab Cluster Rio (January 21-25 2019).

  • Curitiba – March 16-22 2019 | Other directions [(ar)rumos]: multiplication tactics for bodies and territories, with Fernanda Eugenio, in conversation with Ana Dinger, Francisco Gaspar Neto and Milene Duenha. Partnership: Casa Quatro Ventos. Connected events: Residency with AND Lab Cluster Curitiba (11-15 March 2019; Pre-launch Book-Box AND (March 16 2019).

  • São Paulo – March 25-30 2019 | (Dis)appearance, Compearance, Permanence: tactics to gather courage, com Fernanda Eugenio, em interlocução com Ana Dinger, Naiá Delion e Patrícia Bergantin. Production: Rafael Petri. Partnership: Espaço Leviatã. Connected events: Residency with AND Lab Cluster São Paulo (March 21-31 2019; Pre-launch Book-Box AND (April 2 2019).


Edition #1 | Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, 2018

  • Rio de Janeiro – January 20-26 2018 | Practising Care and Performing the Common. An encounter between Modus Operandi AND and Practices of Care, with Fernanda Eugenio in conversation with Ana Dinger, Colectivo Corposições (Guto Macedo, Iacã Macerata, Letícia Barbosa, Mariana Borges, Mariana Pimentel) and the team of Espaço Mova.

  • São Paulo – January 29-February 4 2018 | Embodiment, Happening. Ethical-aesthetic and Somatic Practices. An encounter between Modus Operandi AND and Authentic Movement, with Fernanda Eugenio and Soraya Jorge, in collaboration with Ana Dinger, Carolina de Nadai and Naiá Delion.

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