Coordination: Fernanda Eugenio and Ana Dinger


The Metalogue and Co-operation research line investigates modes of inhabiting encounters by taking its singularities as matter to address, situationally, cross-cutting issues. An encounter can give rise to different forms of life by "schismogenesis" (the image is Gregory Bateson's): its unfolding in complementary, symmetrical or reciprocal dynamics will depend on the operative modes (per)formed between-2. The ability to distinguish, in the duration of the encounter-perceived-as-landscape, the performativity modulations that traverse a relation will perhaps be a way of treating (and training) the very 'performance of the encounter' in its dimension of consistency (instead of privileging a reductive coherence). This line of research focuses, on the one hand, on the in-between-2 as a starting point for the between-more-than-2, and, on the other hand, on the power of language as (re)formulation of worlds.


From the various layers that interweave the overlaps and complexities of the in-between-2 relationship – a relationship made of constant readjustment -, micro-policies and micro-politics are observed, with repercussions for larger scales. Both through the accumulation of stories and ways of recounting and the alternation between the position of constituting territory to map and the position of agent that maps that same territory, and by contrasting the anecdotal of biography with an impersonal use of lived-matters, flight lines are sought for the construction of possible and unexpected worlds and collectives. From the materiality of words, concepts are activated mainly as operations (not as names, signifiers or categories), in an effort of presentation (rather than representation). Possibilities and (un)limits of enunciation, translatability and rematerialisation are rehearsed.


In the intersection of these two movements (the investigative approach to in-between-2 and the meta-investigation of language), one finds the co-incidence of questions such as: the processes of passing from invisibility to visibility and vice versa, associated, namely, to micropolitics of coexistence; the perils of relativism/interpretivism and the scales of a research (of the operational but artificial separation between laboratory and life and the indeterminacy of the contours of fieldwork); the ways of researching and the construction of legitimacy of discourse(s); the operationality and variation of concepts that cross times and areas, migrating and re-emerging, accumulating histories and geographies.


The procedures emerging from this line are manifest in both the artefacts of the Metalogue Series and in Collaborative Workshops, offered separately or in the scope of the Summer Schools and Summer Labs AND Brazil.

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