Coordination: Fernanda Eugenio and Francisco Gaspar Neto


This research project applies MO_AND tools to the work of de/re-composition of a place, whatever-place, in its social dynamics, (in)visible politics and constituent agents. Handling with 'real collections' - materialities/situations that compose the 'stuff' of a bag, a house or a wasteland, for example - we investigate the possibility of correspondence between arrumar (the work of organising the elements of these compounds) and rumar (the work of wandering and finding different directions).


Francisco Gaspar Neto and Fernanda Eugenio share aspects of their practices, taking the question “Is it possible to find other ways of (ar)rumar?” as point of co-incidence, researching modes of materialisation: de-forming, trans-forming, con-forming, re-forming...


The term arrumação carries varied meanings. It applies to the act of organising, either at a voltage closer to the restitution of a proper place (‘tidy up’, ‘clear one’s head’) or as a modulation more attuned to the creation of an improper, provisional, unforeseen or so far non-existent place (as in response to ‘where am I going to put this?’). Popular usage relates arrumação with an improvised or tricky way out: the act of finding circumstantial or precarious solutions, or of making obscure arrangements. Finally, the term arrumação is part of the technical language of navigation, related to finding the way through signs - the light of a beacon, the arrangement of the stars in the sky, the geographical accidents -, as well as to lauching these signs into the charts.


Therefore, articulating all these meanings, (ar)rumação is a collective practice of intervention in spaces, dealing with diverse materials, and which articulates both the knowledge of the territory through cartography/ethnography and self-knowledge through auto-ethnography. What modulates this encounter between setting and subjectivity is a subtle and skewed search for new modes of existence and, therefore, new relations, a drift guided by derivative and heterogeneous signs.

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