Coordination: Fernanda Eugenio and Soraya Jorge

Associated Researchers: Guto Macedo e Naiá Delion

Partnership: AND Lab and C.I.M.A.


In this collaborative research project, we focus on the political potential and the urgency of establishing a field of exchange, co-habitation and the creation of cross-procedures between ethical-aesthetic practices and somatic practices.


From the approximation and conversation between the practice of reparagem/reparation (MO_AND) and the practice of witnessing (AM), we join forces towards the constitution of a set of tactics of self-care and care for the environment. We try that the two practices simultaneously complement each other and function as each other’s 'antibody'. Although formally very distinct, the correspondence between practices is explicit. Both share the same question-affect: the commitment to the refinement of sensitive listening and the constitution of a (micro)political sensibility, through an experiential, relational and situated research.


Authentic Movement (AM) is a somatic relational practice for the development of incarnated/embodied consciousness, called bodyfulness by Soraya Jorge, responsible for the introduction of this work in Brazil and Portugal, and for a specific approach to this practice and its sharing that amounts to more than twenty years of existence. The basis of the research proposed by the AM is the positional structure mover-witness: it is from the establishment of a relationship of trust and reciprocity between the positions of seeing and being seen that a secure field of forces is created for the contemplation of the body and its states and for the practice of a direct listening of sensations. The (re)connection to the plane of sensation functions as a key to map, move and heal recurrent patterns, reactive tendencies and emotional wounds, from the gradual development of an internal witness: a moving consciousness, able to follow without judging, communicating without accusing and be accountable for the narratives and interpretations that it creates.


The expanded political potential of the combination of AM and MO_AND tools is noteworthy. The combination of tools is shared in different modalities of the collaborative workshops Practices of Reparagem and Witnessing, oriented by Fernanda Eugenio and Soraya Jorge, together and/or in articulation with partners, and also members of this research, Guto Macedo and Naiá Delion. On the one hand, MO_AND contributes to the expansion of the embodied consciousness proposed by AM, in a commitment not only to self-knowledge but also to the engagement and participation in a collective plane. On the other hand, AM calls for the extension, to the plane of ‘individual happening’, of the exercises of fractalizing perception, harbouring accidents and sufficient positioning, proposed by MO_AND.


This project is part of an institutional partnership between AND Lab and C.I.M.A - International Centre of Authentic Movement.

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