Creation/collaboration by/with Fernanda Eugenio and Dani d’Emilia

Practices of Dis-Immunisation come out of the encounter between the politics of co(m)passionment, part of Fernanda Eugenio’s MO-AND ethics, and radical tenderness, Dani d'Emilia’s practice in the scope of performance and radical pedagogy. They investigate, within the plane of corporeality, possible paths for the activation of non-hierarchical and disseminated modulations of love and loving, released from pre-defined conformations. Expanding love’s operability also as a 'strangership force', these practices call for an attunement to the improper and unfamiliar, moving beyond the logic of dis/identification and mis/understanding as (the only) basis for engaged relationality.


(Re)claiming affective territories immunised by the mechanisms of indifference and/or identitary foreclosure within capitalist and colonial frames, these practices propose themselves as tools for deep listening, engagement and presencing of one another whilst committing to reciprocal care in the process, creating and holding each body with the courage and frankness involved in a continuous (re)imagining and (re)doing of ourselves, in/through each relation.


This collaboration is anchored in the desire to experiment with embodied relational procedures and political-affective practices for social trans-formation, exploring the fold between the intimate and the political. Creating the conditions for exercising this political practice involves accepting the risk and responsibility of circumscribing zones of temporary intimacy with the unknown and the unknowable, experiencing states of deliberate vulnerability as we explore the variable elasticity of permeability in each encounter. To become dis-immunised to the other (cum, the other; beyond me) and experience the relationship as a gift (munus).


The procedures and experiential propositions created collaboratively by the two artists are periodically shared in the open environment of the Practices of Dis-Immunisation workshops.

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