AND Lab offers regular workshops for the transmission and sharing of Modus Operandi AND, with Fernanda Eugenio, in three modalities: (1) the Intensive Workshop of Introduction to MO_AND (2) the Extensive Workshop of Unfolding of MO_AND; (3) the Extensive Workshop for Developing MO_AND. There is also a fourth modality with flexible format that allows for focus in specific themes or applications - Situated Workshops of MO_AND.


Through several exercises that take thinking and doing in one same plane, the Modus Operandi AND enables the direct and experiential investigation of the singular and collective mechanisms of togetherness, proposing concrete tools for stimulating processes of collaboration, apprenticeship and negotiation of togetherness. MO_AND enables, specifically, the recognition of behavioural patterns and relational tendencies, contributing to the development of emotional self-regulation, attention-handling (selection, focus and coordination of stimuli), decision-making and decision-taking abilities.


In the framework of workshops, the 'board game' interface serves as a basis for sharing MO_AND, and is consequently unfolded in diverse and more complex exercises, with different scales, in the studio or on the street, depending on the group and the duration of the workshop. This game has no pre-established rules but rather immanent rules that emerge from playing. The rules emerge from the co-positioning and co-responsibility of participants. Through a work of folding-and-unfolding and direct handling of the materiality of events, it is possible to 'think with our hands', giving body to matters of coexistence, sustainability, creativity, empathy, tolerance and reciprocity.


The exercises from the different modalities of the MO_AND workshops allow participation from people with diverse interests and profiles – coming from any field, with or without previous contact among them or with MO_AND - to share a same plane of concern, experientially and collectively experimenting the ethical-political and affective issues involved in the co-responsible construction of the common and the sustainanility of bonds of reciprocity.


The MO_AND workshops are held by AND Lab Lisbon and AND Lab clusters or as part of (inter)national circuits, invitated by different structures and groups, included in festivals, university curricula or programmes promoted by cultural centres, museums, collectives, NGOs, etc.

Intensive Workshop of Introduction to MO_AND

(two sessions of 5h; total workload of 10h)


In this intensive workshop, usually held on weekends to facilitate access to a broader group of people, the proposition is to share and practice the inhabited philosophy of the Modus Operandi AND that grounds the thinking-doing of togetherness and makes explicit the operations of Relations and Events. The work is shared through the transmission of the basic set of concept-tools that constitute AND’s Vocabulary and the (counter)dispositif of a ‘board game’ with immanent rules - the WHAT-HOW-WHEN-WHERE question-game. Tools are explored in their transversality, evidencing their pertinence to the most varied relational forms, life/everyday situations and professional fields. There are no prerequisites to participate in this workshop. It is open to everyone.

Extensive Workshop of Unfolding of MO_AND

(five sessions of 6h OR 10 sessions of 3h; total workload of 30h)


This extensive workshop offers a complex practical-theoretical contact with the Modus Operandi AND, unfolding the initial (counter)dispositif of the WHAT-HOW-WHEN-WHERE question-game in different variations of maximization/minimization of the (in)visible and reduction/augmentation of time-space, by crossing the relational scales of in-between-2, in-between-us (small group) and in-between-many (community), and introducing the question of the circumscription of individual and collective affects through another set of exercises: the ISTO-ISSO-ISTO games, which allow us to scan the path from formulation to 'per-formation' of an event. Opening the possibility of coming-and-going between different fractal cuts - from the smaller-than-us to greater-than-us, from inside to outside, from studio to daily life, from collective to intimate/individual situation -, this extensive MO_AND practice enables participants to appropriate a fractal sensibility, and to embody an ethic of reciprocity and sufficiency, both in relation to themselves and in the way they position themselves in relation to others. Although addressed mainly to those with previous contact with MO_AND, anyone interested can participate in this workshop

Extensive Workshop for Developing MO_AND

(five sessions of 6h OR ten sessions of 3h; total workload of 30h)


In this extensive workshop, the exercises, diagrams, and conceptual tools of the MO_AND are shared and practiced, focusing specifically on the fold between intimate and political and the articulation between the minute plane of auto-ethnography and the consequent plan of microdissident social trans-formation. Other dimensions are explored, proposed and worked transversally by MO_AND, considering the transition from composition to position-with and co-position, namely the relations between de-composition and re-position and between dis-position and re-composition. This workshop is directed to people already practicing MO_AND, who have participated in previous workshops and/or at least one laboratory or AND Summer School.

Situated Workshops of MO_AND

(variable formats and workloads)


These workshops are tailor-made for specific audiences (children and youngsters; seniors; families; teachers; therapists and other mediators; groups or professional teams from different fields, etc.) and/or contextually modulated to engage in conversation and study concrete and practical applications of MO_AND to singular problem-questions pertinent to different dimensions of life (love relationships; collaborative relationships; artistic creation; political and social uses, etc.). With flexible formats and workloads (intensive over 3h, extensive over 9h), the workshops are offered periodically within our annual programme or created or organised on demand.

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