These practice sessions are an open invitation to all those interested in the ways we (re)do ourselves, singular and collectively; an invitation to share a practical and theoretical investigation of the politics of togetherness and operations of the collective as live and emerging game of co(m)position.


Although open to new participants, these sessions are designed, above all, as a space for practitioners of the Modus Operandi AND to meet and practice, continuing the work with this set of tools, unfolding together the ethical-aesthetic questions that emerge from attentive and distributive handling of personal affects and, concomitantly, the responsible participation in the common milieu.


Each season, these sessions are organised in blocks of regular meetings - weekly or biweekly, depending on the schedule of AND Lab’s programme in Lisbon. The regular meetings also take place in AND Rio, Curitiba, São Paulo and Madrid, under the title Continued Practice of Modus Operandi AND. The sessions are guided by Fernanda Eugenio and/or AND Lab collaborators, ensuring there are always experienced interlocutors to accompany and assist the group joining in at each session.

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