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Ethnography as Situated Performance is a long-term research devoted to the use of ethnographic circumscription into the operationalization of situated artistic propositions. Developed by the anthropologist and artist Fernanda Eugenio since 2005, it was the first formulation of Modus Operandi AND as practiced today, emerging from the field of performance and deviating from the years of formulation in the field of academic anthropology. Ethnography as Situated Performance involves the dispositifs of Reparagem (Wandering and Stopping) and Reprogramme (Mapping, Circumscription, Enunciation and Imagination). From the systematization of a set of perceptual propositions to experiment (with)/ experience the place and the use of simple resources such as walking and stopping, an invitation for Reparagem is installed: an invitation for ethnographic lingering as way of investigating the performativity already manifested in everyday life. Then, using the dispositif of Reprogramme, it is possible to go through the Maps of What-How-When-Where, recursively, arriving, by detour and consequence, to a situated proposition, synthesized in a single phrase-force or force-task: a proposition to be performed and, then, consecutively reprogrammed, with the continuous commitment of tuning with the place of departure and what was there, already, in latency, for the performance of the encounter. Mapping the urban operations that emerge from the relations among geography, architecture, use and dwelling, it becomes possible to make an inventory of the gaps/breachs and matches/fittings provided (or not) by the public-private and near-distant gradations, and by the varied tension-relations between coexistence and living together. In this practice, it is from the very materiality of everyday life that one extracts the relational nexuses and the questions and interfaces to be handled in situated creation and consequent construction of performances of/for the place.


The creation procedures of this line of research resulted in the artefacts of the Re-programme Series and the Word-Lecture Series and constitute the basis of Fernanda Eugenio’s orientation of creation processes in the scope of Crafting | Assisted Residences. The pedagogical procedures developed in this long-term research, in addition to being the basis of the Modus Operandi AND, were and continue to be transmitted by Fernanda Eugenio since 2005 through workshops and/or as a guest teacher in various training, national and internacional programmes of dance, performance, urban practices, etc. Within the current framework of AND Lab, these procedures are shared mainly during Summer Schools and Summer Laboratories AND Brazil. They are also explored in the Collaborative Project of Fernanda Eugenio with Gustavo Ciríaco (City Labs) and the resulting Collaborative Workshop (Site-Specific Practices).

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