with Fernanda Eugenio and Dani d’Emilia


Dis-immunisation Practices emerged from the collaboration between Fernanda Eugenio and Dani d'Emilia and the relation between their respective researches, Modus Operandi AND and Radical Tenderness, both committed to the creation and experimentation of incarnated/embodied procedures and political-affective practices for social trans-formation.


Taking place in the form of different weekend-long experiential workshops, Dis-immunisation Practices are open to the participation of everyone willing to research the vast - and still to be invented – territory of how we live our relationships and distribute our affections/affects.


Each edition proposes a different set of emerging practices of contamination-attunement between the politics of co(m)passionment and the politics of radical tenderness, always starting from the corporeal plane to investigate other sensitive dispositions - less dependent on identification and understanding - and ways of creating, frequenting and practicing widespread forms of love.


The exercises proposed in the workshops seek to create an environment of trust, acceptance and frankness, in which care can grow in proportion to the risk. They involve sensorial circuits and performative micro-scripts to be experienced in pairs, trios or small groups, circumscribing temporary zones of intimacy with the unknown and the unknowable and inviting participants to experience (and experiment with) states of deliberate vulnerability and of elastic (im)permeability and (dis)comfort.

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