with Fernanda Eugenio and Soraya Jorge


Different workshops are grouped under the name Practices of Reparagem & Witnessing, given in collaboration by Fernanda Eugenio and Soraya Jorge or, sometimes, also in the company of Guto Macedo and Naiá Delion. These workshops aim at the unfolding of the reciprocal relations between Modus Operandi AND and Authentic Movement: between the Reparar proposed by MO_AND and the Witnessing proposed by the AM.


Employing different resources, both Modus Operandi AND and Authentic Movement investigate, from a field and bodily practice, the modulations between presence and absence, inside and outside, perception and apprehension, affect and partition, focus and distraction, instant and memory, singularity and collectivity, desire and responsibility.


MO_AND + AM workshops begin with one or two days dedicated to the introduction to each of the practices separately. In the following days, some propositions explore ways of combining AM tools - the mover, witness and field of bodyfulness in-between - with those of the MO_AND – the ethics of incorporation of accidents, the defragmentation of oneself and the practice of reparagem using the (counter)dispositif of the WHAT-HOW-WHEN-WHERE game.


With variable durations and formats, the workshops adopt different designations, depending on the specific modulation to explore or move at each time.

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