with Fernanda Eugenio and Gustavo Ciríaco


These workshops, guided by Fernanda Eugenio in collaboration with the contextual artist Gustavo Ciríaco, were created from the experience of the City Labs collaborative project, active since 2009, setting up temporary laboratories of artistic research in public spaces of countries as diverse as Vietnam, the USA or Brazil. Some editions of the workshop also include the transmission and/or re-enactment of excerpts from contextual performances by Gustavo Ciríaco and performance-games of the Re-Programme Series by Fernanda Eugenio.


The focus of the workshop is to practice a set of perceptual propositions to experiment (with) the place and to investigate the performativity of cities.


Combining the procedures of Ethnography as Situated Performance with approaches from contextual art, the first part of the work involves an exploratory journey through the geographic and social vicinities of the place that hosts the workshop, an exercise of recognition of the materialities and operations that compose the urban experience and of attention to the minute and the rarefied that give access to the poetic dimension of everyday life.


Using the collected sensitive matter, the participants are then invited to create short in situ performances, individually or in small groups, focusing on the borderline of what is already happening there and the more or less ephemeral contact with an ‘enlarged possible’, playing with the fantasy of what places can be.


Site Specific Practices are generally offered in one-week workshops and take place in Spring or Summer time in Lisbon, the most appropriate time of the year for spending long periods outdoors. The workshops are also held (inter)nationally, in the context of festivals and artistic residencies comissioned by artistic and cultural structures.

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