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  • discounts cumulative with other scholarships and transferable to another person;

  • access to the exclusive area of the Collection-Community and to publications restricted to the Friends Network;

  • + retribution as the Network grows


  • By choosing a monthly or annual subscription and completing online payment. Contributions will begin to be processed into automatic debit. For annual subscriptions, an email will be sent to remind you of the renewal 15 days prior to the expiration date;

  • Members of our Network have access to an exclusive collection of texts, videos and other research materials, in addition to discounts of up to 50% on courses and events (the option to apply the discount will be available on the applicable registration forms);

  • The benefit is transferable to a third party (friend or family member) and can be accumulated with other discounts or scholarships to which the participating person is eligible;

  • Our support at is always available for any clarification or possible request to suspend the subscription, at any time (in the case of subscriptions paid with PayPal, the suspension can be made directly through the Personal Account).


AND Lab is a non-profit association that works in an artisan fashion, constituted by an undisciplined and heterogeneous network of researchers, artists, collaborators, partners and practitioners of Modus Operandi AND. The network is spread all over the world but united by a common commitment: the concern about how to construct and inhabit reciprocal and sufficient modes for collective life.


Our challenge has been to sustain the growing complexity of this platform without regular funding or structural support. The financial support disbursed by dg-artes recently is insufficient since it is is a one-time and short-term funding, aimed only at part of the activities programmed for 2019.


We accept and thank contributions from anyone who feels in tune with our inhabited philosophy and/or that, having already experienced the potential of practicing Modus Operandi AND, consider that this work deserves to continue and proliferate.


Portugal & Worldwide