The AND How Series begun in 2015, created by Fernanda Eugenio and Francisco Gaspar Neto. AND How is a situation-proposition that, by installing a temporary conviviality among strangers (the audience), invites participants to engage in a collective investigation concerning various dimensions of life and its operations, synthesized, at each edition, in one word-question. Each time, the situation begins in-between-2 (Fernanda Eugenio or Francisco Gaspar are either the hosts or guests, inviting or being invited by someone else) and is activated as plan of encounter, extending the invitation for the in-between-many – an in-between nourished by whoever shares the same concern and wishes to contribute with further questions and materials. Each edition of AND How is installed in a different environment and is initiated with a collection of materials curated by the proponents of each edition. This initial collection/curatorship can shrink or stretch and will constitute the territory-question to be inhabited collectively, even if provisionally, allowing for the investigation of ways to rearrange the materials and find new paths.


Past editions:

  • AND HOW #1 the modes of conversation; situation: dinner among strangers | with Fernanda Eugenio and artist and AND Lab collaborator Francisco Gaspar Neto (Lisbon, 2015)

  • AND HOW #2 the modes of solitude; situation: weekend dedicated to an auto-ethnography of intimacy, mediated by a set of tasks and audio recordings | with Fernanda Eugenio and artist and AND Lab collaborator Francisco Gaspar Neto (Lisbon, 2015)

  • AND HOW #3 the modes of pause; situation: the experience of a Japanese tea ceremony | with Fernanda Eugenio and Japannese-Brazilian artist Erika Kobayashi (Lisbon, 2015)

  • AND HOW #4 the modes of the word; situation: experimenting and using AND’s concept-tools and further poetic games | with Fernanda Eugenio and poet Gab Marcondes (Lisbon, 2015) 

  • AND HOW #5 the modes of tuning; situation: experimenting and using the procedures of visual artist Lygia Clark | with Fernanda Eugenio and psychologist Catarina Resende (Lisbon, 2016)

  • AND HOW #6 the modes of occupation; situation: in relation with different kinds of inhabiting an occupied building (Curitiba, 2018)

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