Is it possible to enter into a relation-betrayal with/of language, at the same time doing things with it and outside of it, and turning this operation into a means to divert language’s vocation for order and endorsement? Is it possible to make words and wording the work of doing, circumscribing without ever writing?


Since 2006, Fernanda Eugenio has explored different procedures of intervening in the materiality of words - of poetic and sculptural re-materialisation of words - as modes of conceptual invention and search for consistency between thinking and doing, speech and practice.


This work of wording – the labour of words – is relentless and relates, perhaps, to the nonconformity coming from the weariness words sometimes experience. It is certainly related to accepting that ‘one has to do with what one has’ - even if what one has is only weary words. It is also related to the broadening of what translation can be, claiming a research territory for intra-language translation, in addition to the accostumed inter-language translation.


For more than ten years, countless words were the subject of this labour, having resulted in performative objects using the most diverse interfaces: poetry, urban stencils and stamps; video and photography; drawing; sculpture with improvised materials such as ice, homemade pasta, objects of daily use, etc. Some of the explored words were: almost, error, attention, delay, courage, distance, no, so, soon, outside.


From the Word-Lecture Series emerged all the word games (tension relations, triangulations, transformations and neologisms) that currently constitute the concept-tools of Modus Operandi AND.

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