The Re-programme Series brings together a set of propositions that are responsive to place, in the form of invisible and/or durational performances, imagery drifting-collections and participatory performance-games, creations of Fernanda Eugenio, using the procedures developed in her long-term research Ethnography as Situated Performance.


These works, despite diverse, have in common the affection for the living and mutant texture of the body-city-landscape aggregate; the recurring use of storytelling (writing and photographic image) as way of archiving experience; and, above all, they share the same creation protocol, using the dispositifs of Reparagem and Re-programme. What also unites these works is a way of creating whose execution produces, at the same time as it makes visible (with varying degrees of visibility), a work-operation that, once programmed - that is, organised as territory for something to happen or not happen - allows to work recursively with its consequences, in a potentially limitless series.


From the installation of a common zone of attention in the territory of the city, one works with different fractal cuts of urban matter, following the path: wandering and stopping > description and maximization > circumscription and minorization> proposition of the programme > execution and collection of consequences> re-proposition of the programme. It is a procedure that shifts ethnographic sensitivity and performativity into a common and collective plane of use, approaching them as instruments for the everyday game of relational co(m)position and live performance of the encounter.

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