Standing | Accompanied Training Process is intended for the training of MO_AND mediators. The training occurs through singular paths (case-by-case) always relying on a durational commitment that allows for the gradual design of a direct link with AND Lab.


This possibility is available only to MO_AND practitioners who, having already attended the different modalities of schools, laboratories and workshops offered by the Training and Sharing Programme, wish to adopt MO_AND as one of their working tools in relation to others.


With the broadening of interest in the practice of MO_AND, it has become fundamental to clarify that participation, even if frequent, in our workshops, does NOT automatically qualify a person to responsibly train others in the use of MO_AND. A specific preparation is required to deal, in an impersonal manner, with justness and promptness, with the consequences emerging from the MO_AND exercises - a practice that acutely makes individual and collective patterns explicit. This work may touch on complex intimate and political issues. Threfore, admission to Standing I Accompanied Training Process necessarily involves a serious and constant investment in the construction, with our support, of this mediator body.


For more information and/or to submit an application to Standing | Accompanied Training Process, and taking into account its proximal and personalized dimension, we ask that you contact us by email.

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